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Show Your Spirit (The Time is Now!)

March is upon us and that means its time to Show Your Spirit!  Registration is easy and only cost $5.  With this minimum donation you can sport your teams gear during your business’ designated day and prove just who has college basketball’s greatest fans. Just follow these 4 easy steps to make your Show Your Spirit day as successful as possible.

1.)REGISTER your business or school online at jimmyv.org/showyourspirit.  Once registered, you’ll receive your Show Your Spirit kit which includes everything you’ll need for a great day!

2.)ORGANIZE your campaign by selecting a day between March 18 and April 6 that works for you.

3.)TEAM UP to invite everyone to donate a minimum $5 dollar donation to The V Foundation.  Each participant gets to wear their team’s gear on your designated day.

4.)SHOW YOUR SPIRIT… you don’t have to be a fan to participate.  Everyone will receive a “Don’t Give Up… Don’t Ever Give Up” to commemorate your event.

Don’t forget to register and follow these easy steps to have a fantastic Show Your Spirit day!