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The Gift of a Cancer Free Christmas

A supporter of The V Foundation shared his story with us during Christmas last year. We hope that you find his story as inspiring and as touching as we do.

“It’s not often, in this time of giving for the sake of giving, that one receives a Christmas gift so thoughtful and touching, that it brings tears to one’s eyes. I am one of the lucky ones! After a tumultuous year of battling throat cancer, including chemotherapy and radiation therapy, I am now cancer free! I have two sons and a wife, who suffered perhaps more than I did while I went through my treatments. They all made great sacrifices to support me on this journey. Anyone who has been through the process knows the toll this disease can, and does, take.

“When all the packages were unwrapped on Christmas morning, I was told of my gift from both my sons. They donated their money to The V Foundation for Cancer Research in my honor and name! I was not only profoundly moved, but also so proud as both a father and a cancer survivor. “So to my boys and The V Foundation for Cancer Research…keep up the good work!”