V On the Street

Delta Chi Goes the Extra Mile in the Fight Against Cancer

It is amazing to track Delta Chi’s fundraising success with The V Foundation! We are talking thousands since 2006. Delta Chi Fraternity chose The V Foundation as its national philanthropy in the hopes to help all of those who have been affected by cancer. Delta Chi’s 133 chapters spread throughout university and college campuses nationwide have raised over $334,000 with their fundraising efforts. In honor of their outstanding contribution to our Foundation, we have funded two V Scholar Grants: Dr. Sendurau Mani at the MD Anderson Cancer Center and Dr. Hui Li at the University of Virginia.

The V Scholar Program was established in 1994 to identify and further the careers of talented, young scientists. Dr. Mani’s research focuses on cancer stem cells and tumor growth while Dr. Li’s research hones in on prostate cancer Delta Chi has not only raised money for The V Foundation and life saving cancer research, they have also touched the lives of college students everywhere who can join in the fight against cancer.