Don’t Give Up…Don’t Ever Give Up

The Inspiration of Jimmy V: One Coach, 11 Minutes, and an Uncommon Look at the Game of Life

There’s not a family or person who has not been touched by cancer. And every year thousands fall victim to this disease and must find the will to fight the battle against cancer.  Many continue to find inspiration from the words Jim Valvano, known as Jimmy V, spoke at the 1993 ESPY awards, just weeks before cancer claimed his life. Now, for the first time, Don’t Give Up…Don’t Ever Give Up: The Inspiration of Jimmy V—One Coach, 11 Minutes, and an Uncommon Look at the Game of Life (ISBN: 978-1-4022-3769-0; HC $15.99, March 2010) brings the lessons from his speech to life in this giftable book with a DVD of Jimmy V’s speech.

Sports fans know Jimmy V as the coach who led N.C. State against insurmountable odds to the NCAA Basketball Championship in 1983. And many others came to know him as a hard worker, a profound thinker, an exceptional motivator, and an inspiring communicator during the deliverance of his speech just 10 years later. Jimmy V was diagnosed with a rare form of terminal cancer that had aggressively taken over his body, but he faced this battle like any battle in his life: head on and with a positive attitude.

Mother and son team Robyn and Justin Spizman have joined together to write a book that embodies the spirit of Jimmy V and his unforgettable speech that moved a nation. In just 11 minutes, Jimmy V laid the groundwork for The V Foundation for Cancer Research to help fight the disease that afflicted him and so many others, which to date has raised more than $90 million dollars. A portion of the sales from every book sold will go directly to The V Foundation.

From the playing field to the field of life, Jimmy V’s words are a motivational and educational tool for people to take advantage of each and every day. With a foreword from Nick Valvano, the Spizmans have joined together to share how to stay persistent and make your goals and dreams come true through the seven lessons in Jimmy V’s speech:

●  Cherish time, treasure the moment  
●  Out-dream yourself
●  Make a habit of wild enthusiasm  
●  Believe in something passionately
●  Think, laugh, cry   
●  Don’t ever give up
●  Live the big picture

We can all learn from Jimmy V and his speech. “Don’t ever give up!” is a quote that should always echo in your mind no matter what challenges may face you.

About The Authors

Justin Spizman, Esq., is a litigation attorney for a private law firm and former prosecutor living in Atlanta, Georgia.  He is the author of The Insider’s Guide to Your First Year of Law School.  Robyn Freedman Spizman is a New York Times bestselling author of dozens of books and has appeared in the media for three decades, including frequent appearances on NBC’s Today Show and CNN.  A foremost gift expert, she reports on gifts that keep on giving and is the creator of Learn more about Robyn at They both reside in Atlanta, GA.