Donor Spotlight

Frank C. Paolercio, Sr.

Six years ago, through his foresight and determination, Anthony Braico – our present National President – introduced me and UNICO to The V Foundation and its drive to find a cure for cancer.

UNICO National is a non-profit service organization established in Waterbury, Conn., in 1922, comprised of American citizens of Italian ancestry whose motto is “Service Above Self.”

UNICO National, a 501 (c)(3) organization, has joined in partnership with The V Foundation and will be presenting its fifth $50,000 grant for cancer research this year, bringing UNICO’s total to $250,000.

To date, the grants named for deceased UNICO members and/or family members are:

• 2000 – Louise Dante Memorial Grant – This was our first grant made in May 2000, in the amount of $50,000 to Dr. Vincent DeVita of Yale University. The funds are being used for Hodgkins’ disease research.

• 2001 – Madelline Fornelli Memorial Grant – The grant was awarded to Dr. Susan Conven of the University of Chicago. The funds are being used for breast cancer research.

• 2002 – Leo Diana Memorial Grant – This grant was made to Drs. Peter Albertson and Pamela Taxel of the University of Connecticut. The funds are being used for prostate cancer research.

• 2003 – James Mattiace Memorial Grant– This grant was made to Drs. Arnold Levine and Daniel Notterman of The Cancer Institute of New Jersey. The funds are being used for Carcinoma of Undetermined Primary Origin research.

Since 2000, UNICO National has given $250,000 to The V Foundation

• 2005 – Richard Juliano Memorial Grant – This grant will be made in December 2005 in the amount of $50,000 at the Jimmy V Basketball Classic at Madison Square Garden in New York. This grant will be presented to Dr. Charles Powell of Columbia University, Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center. The funds will be used for lung cancer research.

UNICO has for many years supported Cooley’s Anemia research through grants provided to numerous hospitals, including St. Jude Children’s Hospital, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and the College of Physicians and Surgeons of New York.

Members continue to work diligently in the field of mental health supporting Special Olympics and research done through the University of Medicine & Dentistry in New Jersey. UNICO, having established scholarships as its first charity, has awarded thousands nationwide to worthy students. Italian Studies Chairs have been established at Seton Hall University, University of Connecticut, California State – Long beach, Stony Brook and New York University, and UNICO is working on establishing another at Montclair State University in New Jersey.

Our working together with The V Foundation makes good sense. Our goals, passion and vision are similar to strive for a cure. The V Foundation’s dedication and commitment to this dreaded disease are inspiring. Their accomplishments in just 12 years are remarkable.

We at UNICO National salute The V Foundation for their professionalism in selecting research grant recipients. It is UNICO’s pleasure to be an active participant and partner with The V Foundation and this inspiring cause. Cancer affects all our lives in one way or another, and it is with deep appreciation that we have found a compassionate partner to work with to help find a cure.

Thank you for inviting us in.

Editor’s Note:

UNICO National, the largest Italian American service organization in the United States, has partnered with The V Foundation since 2000 and has given $250,000 to The V Foundation to help in the fight against cancer. Frank C. Paolercio, Sr., is the chairman of the UNICO National V Foundation Committee.