Donor Spotlight

Marcy Weston

Marcy Weston, chair of the National Association of Sports Officials (NASO), made the following statement on Tuesday, October 29, 2002 during the official press conference announcing the Blow the Whistle on Cancer campaign.

When you think about officials you think about impartiality. We don’t care who wins. We call it as we see it. Right now we see help is needed to fight cancer. The National Association of Sports Officials and more than 17,000 of its members are ready to help.

I’m proud NASO can play a major role in helping cancer research through the Blow the Whistle on Cancer campaign. It is not intended to be just a clever tag line. We really want to do something important. We want to find a way to make a difference.

This is the first national charitable campaign NASO has affiliated with. Since 1980 we have been focused on improving officiating, from an educational level as well as from the performance level. Now is the time when we need to expand our focus and are partnering with The V Foundation to battle cancer.

So you might ask, “Why The V Foundation?” It’s really quite simple.

First, cancer affects everyone in one way or another. We have either had it our self, are going to get it, or know someone who has it. Today all you have to do is look at the numbers. Cancer affects one out of every two men and one out of every three women in this nation.

NASO Chair, Marcy Weston

When you consider those numbers that means it is a personal issue to each and every member of this association. So, we’re reaching out to our members, and non-members, asking them to help in this fight. There are thousands of men, women, boys and girls out there officiating youth games, high school, collegiate and even professional contests. We hope they will want to take part in this campaign.

Working in partnership with The V Foundation makes good sense to us for other reasons as well. We did our homework about the organization and their commitment and dedication to battling this disease is remarkable. The accomplishments of The V Foundation, what they have done in just a few years, are quite impressive. The list of grants and the manner in which they determine how these grants are issued is done in a thoroughly professional and studied manner. Donors can certainly be proud.

You know, there might be some of you here today saying, “Jim Valvano was a coach. He was the enemy!” You’re right; he was a coach and a darn good one. And yes, sometimes coaches don’t always agree with the official. But Jim Valvano came from officiating stock. I don’t know if you are aware that Coach V’s father was a basketball referee – a highly respected official from New York. So, Jim Valvano was an official’s kind of guy. And The V Foundation is our kind of partnership.

Jim told his team and has told thousands of cancer victims and survivors through his words, “Don’t Give Up. . .Don’t Ever Give Up.” Well, NASO is here to say, “We hear you Coach Jimmy! And we’re ready to help Blow the Whistle on cancer.”

Editor’s Note:

Marcy Weston is the current Chair of the Board of Directors, of the National Association of Sports Officials. The NASO recently entered a partnership with The V Foundation in support of the Blow the Whistle on Cancer campaign.

Ms. Weston is the senior associate athletics director at Central Michigan University, in her 31st year at CMU. The first 17 were spent coaching and the last 14 have been as senior associate director of athletics. She is the NCAA national coordinator of women’s basketball officiating and officiated in two NCAA Division I women’s basketball championships (1982 and 1984). Her experience at the collegiate level and involvement with women’s athletics for more than 25 years provides NASO with valuable insight and direction in developing training and educational programs geared to college officiating programs. She is also a member of the NASO-initiated Officiating Development Alliance.

She resides in Mt. Pleasant, Mich.