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The 2010 Annual Report is a hit!

We are really excited about the release of our 2010 Annual Report, which was posted on www.jimmyv.org on June 8th. We understand that Annual Reports can sometimes be a little dry and, well, boring but that is why we have spiced up our 2010 report. Our report not only includes financial information, but also has interesting facts about our organization and the people that make The V Foundation possible.

The report includes an uplifting story about one of our researchers, James Mule, who is working on a “V” vaccine to aid melanoma patients. There is also information about our board of directors and the scientific advisory board members. Even the financial section has some interesting and inspiring components! So take a moment and look through the 2010 Annual Report: it is a quick and easy way to get caught up on The V Foundation’s accomplishments!