2011 Annual Report…Don’t judge a book by its title!

Annual Report CoverI can already see you rolling your eyes right now. Yes, you. You saw my title and thought I was going to give you some boring recap of our year. You probably thought I was going to tell you to read a 100+ page document telling you about how amazing we were. Now, does that sound like something I would tell you to do? Nope. Just check out these highlights:

  • Page 3. Find out what Nick Valvano, CEO, and Bob Lloyd, Chairman of the Board of Directors, have to say about our year. $3.6 million for leukemia/lymphoma research, $1.6 for melanoma research and $800,000 for brain cancer research…we are pretty excited about those numbers.
  • Page 9. Thomas Gajewski, M.D., Ph.D. received his first competitive funding from the The V Foundation as a V Scholar grant. Check out what he’s doing now…we are proud of his progress.
  • Page 19. 452- The amount of grants we have awarded since October 1994. Plus, the breakdown of ALL the different types of cancer we fund.

Now, if you aren’t satisfied with my highlights- check the rest out yourself. After all the 2011 Annual Report is only 20 pages (including the cover!). But, you don’t have to take my word for it.

And once you do, tell us what the best part of the 2011 Annual Report is, here in the comments section!