V On the Street

A Whole New Level

It’s almost summer time and who doesn’t love going for a bike ride? Or what about a nice swim? Maybe a run?

What about all three? How about riding your bike about 618 miles? Sound a little crazy, maybe?

Let me tell you about a few people that are doing just that and they are doing it for The V Foundation.

John DC Miles is participated in the St. George Ironman on May 5, 2012 in honor of The V Foundation. He has been writing about his journey here and how The V Foundation has been his inspiration for training. In one of his posts he stated,” I am competing on May 5th with another hope: that I can show my appreciation for what The V Foundation does for me and reciprocate, by advocating for the organization’s own hopes and mission.”

Then there are the four young men of Delta Chi at Marshall University. Seth Rabatin, Scott Hamlin, Anthony Severino and Delta Chi Six 18 RidersCameron Mallory are embarking on a journey of 618 miles to the headquarters of Delta Chi in Iowa. That’s right, these four you men are going to ride their bikes for more than ten days from West Virginia to Iowa to raise awareness and money for The V Foundation. Interested in finding more about their journey? Check it out in a recent article here.

These people are taking raising awareness to whole new level. Want to find out how you can do something similar in your community this summer? Check out the event planner’s guide today and get started on your summer adventure.