Special eVents

Bake it just right…and $766,606 is what you get!

Baker's CakesI love cake. But it cannot be just any kind of cake. It has to have a good icing that compliments the flavor of the cake. And, a good bonus would be if it had an icing/crème layer in the middle. That’s good cake.

But to perfect the art of a good cake, you can’t just wake up one morning and say- Today, I’m going to make a great cake. You need to look at different ingredients, try different things and get the good mix. That is exactly what ESPN Radio has to do to make the Don’t Give Up ESPYS V Foundation Radio Auction a success as well. They don’t wake up one morning in June and say, “Let’s have an auction!”

They gather ingredients- or items and experiences- and decide what will people bid on. This year’s ingredients included more than 250 items and experiences such as having your head on a PTI stick, MNF packages or autographed footballs.

ESPN Radio also knew that good cakes have multiple layers- such as an on-line auction, on-air auction and of course collecting donations. Those three layers together raised $766,606 for cancer research.

But sometimes we forget the icing- the extra bonus of a great cake. We call that the communication strategies. Many of you saw the #VAuction for the event and more than 1,700 people used it in more than 2,500 tweets. The topic was trending throughout the day and more than 37.8 million people saw the hashtag throughout the day. How about that icing? 

Lastly, you have to have the right bakers- putting all the pieces together. Trust me; sometimes no matter how close I follow the recipe, it doesn’t always taste the same. The ESPN Radio personalities, producers and staff but this cake together. And it tasted pretty good to me. 

Overall, as we wrap-up the 8th Annual Don’t Give Up ESPYS V Foundation Radio Auction- we can say that this year’s cake- was pretty good. We raised money, we raised awareness and we are pumped for next year.

What do you want to see in the cake next year? If you had a piece of our 8th cake, let us know what you got here in the comments!

The cake is from Danielle Baker at Baker’s Cakes: http://www.bakers-cakes.blogspot.com/