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Buy4.com…Check it out today!

One of the newest things on the Internet lately are websites that allow you to buy from your favorite places and donate to your favorite charity. We could list them all but we want to talk about the one that we have decided to partner with- Buy4.com. 

You might be asking yourself, why did we choose Buy4.com? What makes it better than all the others? Well, I am going to go through the key reasons why we chose Buy4.com and why you should register today!

1)     It’s doesn’t cost extra. Purchasing through Buy4.com doesn’t cost you anything extra. Looking for something online at Target or Old Navy? Go through buy4.com and your purchase will send a donation to The V Foundation.

2)     You can track your donations. Buy4.com keeps track of how much you have donated to your favorite causes. It allows you to see how much you have donated…which will make you feel great!

3)     Purchases are done on the merchant’s site. That means that Buy4.com doesn’t keep track of your credit card information. The merchants do the tracking and they report to Buy4.com. That’s great piece of mind.

4)     Donations vary by store/website. Some stores donate 5% of the purchase, others more and others less. Also, you can see the typical donation of your store before you click on the link…how cool! 

That’s our summary of Buy4.com. Still have questions? Click here for those answers and then register with Buy4.com. Who knew your new summer bathing suit could also fund cancer research?