V Successes

Continued Success

Because the scientists we help fund are always working to develop the latest and greatest breakthroughs in cancer research, we want to brag about them a little bit. These are just some of the success-story makers who are working tirelessly to find a cure for the disease that affects so many…

Dr. Neil Spector, who received a V Scholar Grant in 1996, is now an oncologist at the Duke Cancer Institute and he’s helping the campus bridge the gap between research in the lab and treatment in the clinic. By focusing on physician-scientist training and added research training in medical schools, Duke has made great strides in improving translational research. These programs will help give cancer patients access to the most innovative treatments out there.

Since Dr. Walter Stadler received his Designated Grant in 2004, he’s been leading the distinguished Genitourinary Program at the University of Chicago’s Cancer Center. He was able to announce recently that prostate cancer that has spread can now be considered a chronic disease that’s manageable for even decades.

At the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Dr. Andrei Thomas-Tikhonenko and his co-investigator Dr. Stephen Grupp are using their 2011 Translational Grant in hopes of developing a treatment that will slow the spread and growth of lymphocytic leukemia. They are confident that their work will be able to move quickly from the lab to the clinic with the help of The V Foundation’s support.

While this doesn’t even begin to cover all the areas that The V Foundation-funded researchers are working in, it does give an idea of how important your support is in the fight against cancer.