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CSR at its finest!

CSR= Corporate Social Responsibility. Sometimes that phrase can get thrown around but we know one company that truly means it.

We order our office supplies from Zuma Office Supply and they are a company that takes CSR seriously. The company’s business model is to donate 50% of its profits to 10 great charities as voted on by its 

Zuma Office Supplycustomers. Until the company is profitable, it has committed to donating $500 to each charity each year, which the company expects to see in 2013.

Once that happens, The V Foundation will receive a percentage of sales from the customers that select The V Foundation as their charity of choice when the customer checks out. Currently, The V Foundation is in 5th place.

So, check out Zuma Office Supply and consider placing your next order with them. Who knew that paper clips could help fund cancer research?