Special eVents

Everyone has their reason…what’s yours?

Everyone has their reason. Their reason for why they choose to support a particular organization, a particular cause or a particular issue. Something that drives them or motivates them and at the end of the day, makes them feel like they played a part in the bigger picture. Dawn Cocker, is one of the many that has played a part in the bigger picture of finding the cure for cancer.

Dawn CockerDawn began volunteering for the Jimmy V Golf Classic in 2007 and it was her mother’s Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer diagnose, that gave her volunteering efforts a “clear focus.” She served as Hole Marshall and trained other volunteers on how to use Bid Pal for the Gala. When asked why she chose to volunteer she stated, “I love that The V Foundation puts 100% of direct donations in the hands of researchers.”

Her favorite part about volunteering is that everyone is so passionate about what they are doing. “Throughout the entire weekend it’s great to see how enthusiastic everyone is about making this a great time!” said Dawn.

So, if you are on the fence about coming out to the Jimmy V Celebrity Golf Classic next weekend, don’t take our word about having a good time. Take Dawn’s – a five-time volunteer! Here are her 3 reasons to volunteer:

  1. 1) You’ll probably end up making new friends.
    2) It’s a great way to learn more about The V Foundation and see some pretty cool celebrities.
    3) How many times in your life can you drive a golf cart or hold a “hush ya’ll” sign or call it volunteering?

If you want to volunteer for Jimmy V Golf Classic, there is still time. Check it out and maybe next year you can give us your reasons. And, if you have volunteered in the past, let us know your reasons for volunteering!