Cancer Awareness

February is Cancer Prevention Month

Eat more of this, less of that and don’t forget to do this. That’s what cancer prevention tips sound like. At this point you have probably heard them all before. So you would think if I told you to avoid smoking and exposure to smoke, you would probably nod your head and say I already know that.

Well it might shock you that the American Cancer Society reported that last year more than 20% of adults are still smoking. Also, obesity is more than 20% of the population in every state except Colorado. So, when I tell you to eat more fruits and veggies, I might not be so crazy.

Throughout the month, our Twitter and Facebook accounts will have different cancer prevention tweets and statuses. While we continue to fight for the cure, we have to take control of the other side of the matter- prevention.

Here are our Top 5 Cancer Prevention Tips: 

1) Eat Fruits and Veggies! Write down everything you eat for a day. If you can’t find 5 fruits and veggies in your meal plan- make a goal for the next day to do it!

2) Ask your doctor questions about screening and other tips! Have you seen those commercials were the person asks a million questions about electronics and then asks the doctor none? Check it out: Ask your doctor questions. 

3) Be safe in the sun! Don’t just wear sunscreen- reapply often. It’s not enough to put it on once for the whole day.

4) Know your history! We all think we know our family history but have you given it to your doctor? Do you really have all the facts?

5) Finally- Avoid smoking and exposure to smoke! When I was growing up I remember having to specify smoking or non-smoking in a restaurant. Now in some places it’s not even an option. We have come a long way but we aren’t there yet!