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Football season might be starting but…

I grew up in football country. People cry at the end of football season. Partly because it’s over and partly because they know that the next game is so far away. But when I moved to North Carolina- I heard the greatest line ever. It doesn’t matter unless it’s round. Pretty much- it doesn’t matter unless it’s basketball season.

That’s why I think a preview of basketball season has to be pretty appealing to the fans of North Carolina State, Georgetown University, University of Maryland, University of Texas and University of Connecticut. The Classic Dinner in 

Save The DateNew York is not only a small preview of these teams’ season. Why you might ask? Because in an intimate setting, while supporting The V Foundation, you have the opportunity to get a private meeting with the head coach of these basketball teams. 

If I lived in a 3-4 hour radius of New York and was a fan of one of these teams, I would be clicking here faster than you can read the rest of my post.

The Classic Dinner is at Pier Sixty on October 10, 2012 in New York City, New York. It’s the 18th annual event and you can check out the full invitation here. I could give you more information but I am searching for flights to New York and reasons to call in sick for my boss.

But, before I go, can you answer this question. What would you ask these coaches if you had the opportunity for a private meet and greet?