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How will you help? 2012 Corporate Video

If you had told my dad when I was in high school that I would end up in communications, I don’t think he would believe you. I loved numbers. I was great with numbers. I used to beg for him to teach me my multiplication tables and insist that he quizzed me on the way to dance class. 

I still love numbers and looking at things in a numerical format. That’s why, for today’s blog about our corporate video– I’m going to give it to you in numbers. 5 numbers to be exact.

  • 469. The amount of grants we have awarded since 1994.
  • 28.9 million. The amount of dollars we have awarded in V Scholar Grants to help develop promising research talent.
  • 29.6 million. The amount of dollars we have awarded in Designated Grants to fund local and regional projects.
  • 31.8 million. The amount of dollars we have awarded in Translational Research Grants tohelp move research from the lab to the clinics and help patients more quickly.
  • 1 (First). “The V Foundation was the very first one to actually support our work in this direction.At the time this work was perceived as somewhat of a esoteric and uncertain. As years have gone by, The V Foundation was proven right.” 2005 Designated Grant, Dr. Michel Sadelain

Those numbers alone should make you want to check out our 2012 Corporate Video and see what some of our researchers have been up to.

Those numbers should make you want to #PassTheV to your friends, family and co-workers.

Those numbers should make you realize that the millions of dollars that The V Foundation has raised is going to good use and your donation is worth it. 

I’m going to post the video on my Facebook wall, Twitter feed and I’m even going to Pin it to help support The V Foundation. How will you help?