V Successes

In the Research Spotlight

BeakersWith all the hype and excitement surrounding events like the “Don’t Give Up” ESPYs V Foundation Auction and the Dick Vitale Gala, it’s easy to forget what these events really mean.  Without these glamorous and celebrity-filled events The V Foundation wouldn’t be able to raise the millions of dollars it does to support cancer research.  Here are some updates on what some people at the heart of The V Foundation — the doctors and researchers — have been doing to save lives and get one step closer to finding a cure.

Dr. Steven Grant has been working at the Massey Cancer Center at Virginia Commonwealth University and recently discovered a drug combination that might lead to a new therapy for acute myeloid leukemia. He received a Designated Grant from The V Foundation in 2007.  Dr. Grant said he’s looking forward to moving his lab research into the clinical trial phase where it could potentially bring more effective therapy techniques to cancer patients.

Minkui Luo, Ph.D.,received a V Scholar Grant in 2009.  He’s now working at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and studying a protein called Methotransvase, and the role it plays in ovarian cancer, leukemia and melanoma. Luo said The V Foundation’s support has allowed him to do high risk, high reward work.  He said he hopes his lab will be able to complete development of a drug that attacks and slows cancer cells.

Dr. Leonard Zon is working with zebrafish to determine chemicals that target and slow the growth of melanoma cancer cells.  Zon, who is a director of the stem cell program at Children’s Hospital Boston, has identified a new melanoma gene.  He’s currently working to get his research to the clinical trial phase.  Zon received a Translational Grant from The V Foundation in 2011.

As you can tell, there is some impressive work taking place in the labs of V Foundation-sponsored scientists.  Your help and support is what makes a difference and allows these researchers to continue their quest.