Investing in our Future

Investing in our Future: Get to know Susan!

In this edition of Investing in our Future, we decided to sit down with our CEO, Susan Braun, and learn a little bit more about her. She moved to  to North Carolina just about two months ago and here are five interesting things about her that you may not know (and we didn’t either)!

1) She has been a certified SCUBA diver for 23 years. Susan is an avid swimmer growing up and loved the ocean. Once she went snorkeling and realized the amazing world below the ocean surface…she had to explore it first-hand. Some of her favorite dive places are Cozumel, Hawaii, Cayman and Bora Bora.

2) Her favorite class in college was Anatomy & Physiology. Susan loves listening to scientific lectures and this was her favorite class in college. She got her undergraduate degree from George Mason University and her graduate degrees from the University of Maryland and the Westfaclische Wilhems University in Germany.

3) She has been practicing yoga since she was 19. There are many types of yoga, it isn’t just an exercise.  Yoga involves breathing techniques, meditation, and more. She practices almost every day.

4) Singing in three-part harmony is something else she enjoys. One of her favorite songs to is Red Molly’s “May I Suggest.”

5) She has 5 brothers and sisters. As one of six, it’s always a lively family gathering. Add the fact that three are Republicans and three are Democrats, and family gatherings are very interesting.