Investing in our Future

Investing in our Future: Myth or Fact?

We polled the staff of The V Foundation to see what the most common myths were…here’s the top five! The answers were written by our Communications Intern, Kaylon Kirk.

MYTH: The V Foundation is a large organization with hundreds of  employees, located all over the country.

FACT: Perhaps the most common misconception about The V Foundation is that we have hundreds of staff and multiple offices.  Believe it or not, we do what we do with only 16 employees out of our office in Cary, North Carolina. “A lot of people think we are a big foundation with a huge staff, “ said Steve Scott, Senior Development Officer. “They are surprised to find out that we are a lean, mean, nimble machine!”


MYTH: We are owned by ESPN.

FACT: We are proud to work closely with ESPN, but in fact, they are our founding partner. ESPN has helped The V Foundation raise millions of dollars for cancer research each year. Their media exposure, especially during our annual V Week on ESPN, has taken our Foundation from a regional non-profit to a nationally prominent charity. When V Week takes place, the employees of ESPN work as ambassadors for The V Foundation, reaching out to their loyal and generous fans for support and donations.

MYTH: We only focus on certain types of Cancer.

FACT: The V Foundation is proud to raise funding for all types of cancer. We have given hundreds of grants to fund research of all different types of cancer, including leukemia/lymphoma, melanoma, ewings sarcoma, myeloma as well as breast, pediatric, lung, pancreatic, prostate, brain, colon, renal, gastrointestinal, thyroid, cervical and ovarian cancers. We have also given over $20 million to general cancer research. All in all, we have awarded $100 million for cancer research.

MYTH: We only give grants to young cancer investigators.

FACT: We give three different types of grants: V Scholar, Translational and Designated Grants. The V Scholar grants provide funding directly to young scientists, in particular, to establish their own independent laboratory and gain the competitive edge necessary to earn additional funding to further their research from other sources. Translational grants facilitate the transition of projects from the laboratory to the clinics, where scientists and clinicians are applying fundamental knowledge of cancer and bringing the benefits of new basic-level understandings to patients more quickly and efficiently. Designated grants fund projects in communities local to the fundraising area.  Supporters and donors work together to identify a specific cancer research program or facility, and money raised goes toward that facility or program.

MYTH: We raise money solely through events.  

FACT: Through The V Foundation, there are many different ways to give, beyond our signature fundraising events. You can pledge a monthly amount by joining our monthly giving program, donate in honor or in memory of a friend or loved one, give through our endowment fund, or even create your own personal tribute fund, just to name a few! Also, you can always create your own event!