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It matters what you do…Social Media Specialist

At the beginning of the year, I spoke with a very wise man who told me that when you are looking at finding a job and starting your career, there are three things you need to think about. Those three things are what you do, what you make and where you live. He also said that if you are lucky you can have all three but at times in your career you are going to have to choose to prioritize one or two of them.

When you work at the The V Foundation you are making a choice to prioritize what you do. I’m not saying that the other two aspects are terrible but choosing to work in non-profit, can often be a choice of choosing to make what you do matter.  

That was one of the biggest reasons that I decided to accept the position of Social Media Specialist for The V Foundation after graduation. For the past few months, when I leave the V, I feel great about what I have done. And honestly, that can sometimes be hard in social media/public relations. 

Some people think I just tweet and play on Facebook all day but it’s a lot more. I read people’s stories of courage as they fight through cancer and find ways to talk about them in our blog, I work with events (big and small) and strategize on how to help use social media to promote them and I am constantly trying to find and utilize the most effective ways to raise awareness about The V Foundation.

At the end of the day, I feel great about what I do. I am proud and honored to become a full-time staff member of The V Foundation in the upcoming weeks. And to my loyal blog readers…you should be excited because I’ll be here all the time now!