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Laugh, Think and Cry…what a day!

Three very important things and lately, thing I have felt like I am doing everyday. If you have been following this blog, you are probably wondering about the “voice” behind it or you have noticed the name “Stephanie” under the title.

I am a graduate student at UNC-Chapel Hill and I will be graduating May. Over the past few months I have had the opportunity to learn so much about Jim Valvano and The V Foundation.  Let me tell you, this has been one of my favorite places to work.

Why you might ask? Because not many days go by at The V Foundation where you don’t get to laugh, think or cry

Laugh, Think, Cry

. That might sound weird but think about it. We often get a chance to hear stories about cancer survivors or people fighting their battle with cancer. Those stories, just like this one can bring you to tears. Cry everyday? Check.

One of the other great things about The V Foundation staff is that everyone is upbeat and happy about what they are working on. I mean we are trying to raise funds for cancer research to find the cure. Whether it is a discussion on what to call the conference rooms or moving photos around the building, trust me there are plenty of laughs. Laugh everyday? Check.

The final piece is what makes The V Foundation so incredible. Think. Yes, we think everyday. You are probably curious how we could get by without it. But we don’t just think, we are constantly thinking of how to we can do things not just better and bigger but strategically. How can we help this promotion? How can we build awareness? One of the best parts of the my job is the meetings I have gotten to sit in where we are brainstorming ways to strategically get the message out. Think everyday? Check.

I have only been at The V Foundation for three months but I know that everyday the organization is doing what

Jim Valvano would want: Laugh, Think and Cry.