Social with the V

Likes, Re-tweets, Mentions, Shares- Oh my!

Jim being carried away by the crowdSocial Media. It’s taking over everything or at least it can feel like it is. I could give you all the statistics about how many people are on Facebook and Twitter or that Justin Bieber has more than 16 million followers (That’s right- more than 16 million).

Maybe at this moment you are checking out our Twitter and Facebook and you are kind of shocked. How do we barely have 10,000 followers or almost 13,000 fans? Shouldn’t we have more?

If you are reading this blog, there is a good chance you are a Facebook Fan or Twitter Follower already but here’s why you should help us get those numbers higher.

We tweet/status update about our V Scholars and other grant recipients. The people who are making a difference and getting us closer to a cure- that is who we are talking about.

We tweet/status update about our community events- not just the big ones. We talk about the Suits & Sneakers night in Florida or the Peak City Gala in Cary. Not only are we promoting these events but maybe one person who reads about these events will decide to host his or her own event. And just like that- we are raising more money for cancer research.

We tweet/status update about our partnerships. There are tons of sports figures, celebrities and brands that are helping us raise money for cancer research and we are so grateful and appreciative for these partnerships. Therefore, we want you to know about them.

So, if those aren’t 3 great reasons why you should follow us or fan us or tell your friends to, I can’t think of any better. Oh, wait. The V Foundation awards 100% of all direct donations to cancer research and related programs. Does it get any better than that?