Cancer Awareness

Lions, Tigers and Bears or Lungs, Thyroids and Breasts- Oh my!

For this blog, I have decided to write my ode to types of cancer we fund. Be prepared, I like to rhyme. 

There is not one type of cancer we fund,                                                               When some people hear this, they are quite stunned.

Cancer research is what we are all about,                                                        The cure is what we want to dig out.

Whether it’s breast, lung or thyroid you see,                                                       In the past nineteen years we have given generously. 

More than eighteen million to be exact,                                                             But, wait I have some more interesting facts.

Pancreatic, prostate and pediatric are also on our list,                                          If we could cure these cancers, they won’t be missed.

There is colon, melanoma and brain cancer too,                                               The list keeps going, who knew?

And remember this about The V Foundation,                                                     We are researching cancer across the nation.

When you donate to fund research for cancer,                                                   You are helping us find the final answer.