V On the Street

Lollipops Never Looked so Good

Kids are the best. There is nothing more wonderful than seeing young people come together to fight cancer. In August, we met 13-year-olds Logan and Tommy, who started the Little Ballers basketball camp, in honor of their grandfather, to raise money for The V Foundation. This month, meet 12-year-old Megan and 15-year-old Sarah Cavanagh, two sisters who are hard at work this holiday season to raise money for cancer research through their own means: building and selling their own candy cane holiday decorations. 

Girls on the street

The girls have personal connections to both The V Foundation and to cancer in general. Their father, Dr. John Cavanagh, is a director at the North Carolina State University Jimmy V Cancer Therapeutics Training Program. The program encourages young students to study and pursue careers in cancer research. The girls have also been touched by cancer in their lives. “We know a lot of people that have been affected by cancer,” said Sarah. “One of our friend’s mom has it, and our grandma died from brain cancer. We think it’s important to give back.”


Megan and Sarah got the idea for their candy cane decorations while attending a craft fair with their mother, Madeline. They picked up a couple for themselves, and saw that they could improve and beautify the simple design. So they began constructing their own candy canes, which turned out beautifully. At night, the girls sit in the living room with their mom, constructing the stand-up ornaments piece-by-piece, assembly-line style. They have set up a stand in their neighborhood in Cary, North Carolina, where they’ve already sold dozens of the decorative candy canes. They sell the crafts for five dollars apiece, “but when people see that proceeds are going toward cancer research, they usually give more; people are very generous,” said the girl’s mother, Madeline.

This is not the girls’ first fundraiser to support The V Foundation for Cancer Research. They have also held bake sales and lemonade stands to raise funds. To purchase a candy cane from Megan and Sarah, please e-mail them at [email protected].

P.S. Special shout out to Abbey and Linday Veit for helping the lollipop girls. We hear they are great saleswomen!