Not a day but a whole week- Jimmy V Week!

Do you remember what it was like to be a six-year-old? How exciting things can be? How you countdown to your birthday or holidays? You can barely sleep the night before something important happens? That’s how we feel right now! Tomorrow starts the 6th annual Jimmy V Week for Cancer Research on ESPN and we aren’t sure if we are going to be able to sleep tonight (Okay, I won’t be…)

There are so many exciting things happening over the next week and we want you to be a part of it. This is the start of our #PassTheV movement and we want you to be involved. Every day of Jimmy V Week will be themed at The V Foundation and there will be special images, quotes, blog posts, videos and more. Here’s an outline of what to expect and how to get involved! 

Tuesday, November 27: Jim’s ESPY Speech

  • 7 pm- Watch Jim’s ESPY Speech on any ESPN channel
  • ACC/BigTen challenge begins tonight on ESPN
  • #GivingTuesday, click for more information 


Wednesday, November 28: Cancer Research

  • Chat with scientists from our Scientific Advisory Board by tweeting #AskTheV between 2:30-4pm EST
  • Watch the ACC/BigTen challenge on ESPN
  • Check out our social media filled with cancer statistics and images – share with your social media circles


Thursday, November 29: The V Foundation

  • Chat with staff members of The V Foundation by tweeting #AskTheV between 1-2pm EST
  • Engage on social media with information about The V Foundation
  • SEC/BigEast challenge begins tonight on ESPN


Friday, November 30: Friends of The V Foundation

  • Check our social media for interesting statistics about how our friends help us with our mission
  • SEC/BigEast challenge continues tonight on ESPN


Saturday, December 1: #PassTheV

  • NCAA FCS Football play-offs on ESPN2 & the MLS Cup on ESPN
  • Learn more about #PassTheV by checking out our social media sites


Sunday, December 2: #PassTheV

  • NCAA Women’s Soccer Final on ESPNU
  • Hear about #PassTheV in a blog post from CEO, Susan Braun


Monday, December 3: Cancer affecting Women

  • Women’s Classic Game between UConn and Maryland at 7pm EST on ESPN2
  • Discover more about the different types of cancer affecting women through our social media sites and special guest blogger


Tuesday, December 4: Cancer affecting Men

  • Men’s Classic Games starting at 7pm EST on ESPN
    • Texas vs. Georgetown
    • NC State vs. UCONN
  • Find out more about specific cancers that are affecting men through our social media sites
  • Special guest blogger, with in-sights about a 30/30 film coming out this spring