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Pass The V with Nick Valvano

A board member since it’s inception and CEO for the past 14 years, Nick Valvano understands the heart and soul of The V Foundation for Cancer Research. As The V Foundation is getting ready to enter its 20th year, he states, “The V Foundation is at a phase in life where we are focusing on what we want to be when we grow up.”

“That is why, when I decided to retire, we wanted someone who can take us where we want to be in the next five to ten years,” he continued.

This is a great time for The V Foundation.  Just like you when you turn 20; it’s a time of looking into all the possibilities of the future. At 20 the whole world is in front of you and you begin to make decisions about the directions you want to go in. That’s why it took the board nine months to find the right person to take The V Foundation into the next decade.

But even as you move into the future, the same thing that we would tell a 20-year-old, we tell ourselves. Be true to yourself and who you are. And as we watch Jim’s spirit – to keep this personal, be true to “Don’t Give Up . . . Don’t Ever Give Up!”® and have fun – resonating with all age groups, we know that we will be able to stay true to ourselves.  

“It’s exciting to see this younger generation help support the effort,” Nick stated. “You wonder who will come after the current supporters, but this younger generation has a good connection and is in sync with Jim’s spirit.”

I am sure as Nick is “Passing the V” to Susan, he can trust that she and the Foundation will continue to do the same.