Social with the V

Pinterest…Let’s get pinning!

Pinterest Logo  Yes, the newest trend. Fan us on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter. Subscribe to our YouTube. And yes, now follow us on Pinterest.

You are probably thinking, why are you jumping on the bandwagon? Why does The V Foundation need a Pinterest? Well, let’s look at the facts.

When we post a quote from Jim Valvano on Twitter or Facebook, we get TONS of likes, re-tweets and more. On Jim Valvano’s birthday alone we had more than 329 re-tweets and 788 likes. Why not create a Pinterest board with these quotes and help spread the word to the newest generation about what Jim Valvano stood for?

When we post a status or tweet about a sports event, our current fans and followers comment and reply a lot. During the NCAA tournament, our mentions on Twitter increase by more than 100% than on days with no college basketball games.

Yes, we have decided to join Pinterest but we aren’t jumping on the bandwagon, we are making a strategic choice to embrace our fans and followers. So, who wants to follow us?