V On the Street

Struggling with New Year’s Resolutions? We have the solution!

Volunteer more. Donate more. Support great causes. Look familiar? Something like this always appears on my new year’s resolution list. The V Foundation has a great way for you to check that item off your list.

Every year there are more than 400 community events planned around the country to benefit The V Foundation. These events raise about one million dollars a year and every dollar counts in the fight for a cure.

Hopefully I have peaked your interest, and you are probably wondering a few things. How do I get started?  What kind of event could I do? Here are my top 5 things you need to do to plan an amazing event for The V Foundation.

1. Get the Event Planner’s Guide. Go to /event-categories/v-community-events/ and click on the Event Planner’s Guide. Its 20 pages with information ranging from using the logo, fundraising ideas and forms for your event. This guide will help you throughout the planning process.

2. Register your event.  Not only can we help promote your event on our website and social media outlets but we can send you informational cards about The V Foundation. We can’t do any of that without the registration form.

3. Check out the guidelines for using the logo and service mark. While we wish that all events could use the logo and service mark, only those events that are projected to raise $1,000 or more can use our logo and service mark. There are also a few forms and guidelines regarding the use of the logo and service mark. Make sure you check those out before you get started.

4. Consider using Firstgiving.com. Firstgiving.com is an online fundraising tool that helps people raise money for different causes. If you are hosting a 5K or tennis tournament, your participants can have people donate on their Firstgiving.com site and the money comes directly to The V Foundation.

5. Fundraise, Awareness & Volunteer. A successful fundraiser is not always about how much money you raise. If your event helps build awareness in your community about The V Foundation and cancer research, you are doing your part as well!

Some events raise $200 and some raise $50,000. Remember that every little bit helps and that 100% of your net event proceeds go directly to cancer research and related programs. What are you waiting for?