Special eVents

Those High 5 Moments…

Remember those amazing moments? The moments when you work really hard for something and achieve it? Like passing a test, acing a paper, landing a new account at work or finishing your first 5K? Those moments can be incredible.

What normally happens at those moments? A high five. That’s right, a high five.

Do you know how it started or where? In sports, at a baseball game in the later part of the season of 1977, when Glenn Burke and Dusty Baker gave each other the first high five after Baker’s 300th home run. There is a little bit of dispute about it starting in the 1960s with volleyball or with Magic Johnson at Michigan State but it’s baseball season- so we will give them credit.

Fast forward 35 years later and we are now high five machines. Sure, we have tweaked it a bit with the “fist bump” or “double five” or “air five” but you can’t get past that the high five was originated around sports or that it still exists today (it’s in the Oxford Dictionary- a noun in 1980 and adapted to a verb in 1981).

High fives are even celebrated in the United States; it’s on the third Thursday of April. Wait, you means the National High-5-A-Thon on April 19th, is celebrating National High Five Day as well? Well if raising funds for cancer research wasn’t enough, now you have another reason to run around on April 19th and give out high fives.

Don’t forget to throw in the “V Five” as well.