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When I worked retail in college, I remember in October, the holiday season began. It’s when shipment started to double and all the holiday decorations would begin to arrive. I also remember working until the wee hours of the night trying to hang lights from the ceiling as my boss would tell me that I was not using proper ladder etiquette.

Well, it’s not October but it is the holiday season, and we have a unique opportunity for you. This year, Touch of the Mountain is donating $5-$30 of each sale of their Fraser Fir products to The V Foundation for Cancer Research. You can decorate your house for the holidays and make a donation (you know I love multi-tasking!) The amount donated varies on the type of tree or wreath you purchase.

During the Jimmy V Celebrity Golf Classic, the Touch of the Mountain provided ornaments to all guests at the gala and decided to carry over its giving spirit to the holiday season. Touch of the Mountain ships trees all over the country.

How do you decorate your house for the holidays? If you decorate with wreaths and trees, where do you get them?