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United Women

Today’s post is from a member of The V Foundation’s Board of Directors. Donna Orender is the former commissioner of the WNBA  and the producer & founder of Generation W, a women’s leadership conference successfully launched in 2012.

It was a wonderful crisp Friday evening, a perfect evening for a high school football game. We were a group of parents happily together, watching the game and supporting our kids from afar, heaven forbid they be seen with us. My phone rang and it was one of my dearest friends. I was going to call her back but there was this catch in her voice and I knew right then that something was not right. You exhale and hope.  You both want to hear what is coming as fast as can be said but really do not want to hear it at all. “I have not told many people,  it’s hard for me to even say, but I have cancer.” WHY, HOW, NO… unspoken thoughts… HELP, SUPPORT, LOVE… spoken words -heartfelt emotions and an entire being ready to jump into action and do everything and anything I could to lighten the stress and pressure that one of my bestest pals was about to face. I immediately drew upon my learning, understanding and network provided by The V Foundation. There is a purity of purpose, and intent that empowers us all with the knowledge that there are angels working every day seeking and finding answers to the dreaded C word. Make it stop!!

Ah, but there was the call on Monday with my son’s incredibly talented tutor. She missed some sessions and she shared with him the knowledge that she was diagnosed with breast cancer. I do not know Ms. M very well but knowing that she too may need support i gave her a call. I love the work she is doing with my son and others who she selflessly supports. She now needs our support. Just the unknown, the unspeakable, the personal journey. Women’s hands hold up this world….we need to make sure that we focus on the unique science that help those hands and hearts remain strong!. We are working on that at The V Foundation. Strong women on the court….contribute to strong women off the court…there is power in all of our positive outreach and efforts….make that call, extend that embrace, if you have a dollar to give, do so where it can do the most good… and hug your friends and family everyday!