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V on the Street: Fraternity Guys

Sure, there are many jokes about fraternity guys. But, in this post you aren’t going to find any. In fact you are going to find a different story.

Billy Embody, a junior at Southern Methodist University (SMU), is the Vice President of Public Relations and Media for the Inter-Fraternal Council at SMU. He’s also a member of Fiji (Phi Gamma Delta). And for the past few months, he has been leading these young men in organizing an event for The V Foundation.

The event was a pep rally and concert by Hudson Moore, an up and coming country singer. And even though it rained, there were more than a hundred people at the event, which brought in more than $1,000. Yes, in the rain.

The IFC chose The V Foundation for a few reasons. The young men believe in the message of the Foundation, the way the Foundation operates and the way the Foundation supports events like this. Billy added that besides the fact that his family has been involved with The V Foundation over the years, he also believes that The V Foundation appreciates everything you do on a very personal level…and we do.

Bit by bit we will find the cures for cancer, and with young fraternity men like those at SMU, I believe we will continue to make great strides. So, no jokes here about fraternity guys. Just a chance to talk about a great group of guys that understand even in the rain….Don’t Give Up . . . Don’t Ever Give Up.