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What will you do this year?

This year about 1.7 million cancer cases will be diagnosed.
This year 1 out of 4 deaths will be caused by cancer.
This year more than 577,000 people will die from cancer.
These numbers probably seem outrageous. But here is one good number; 12 million cancer survivors are currently alive. Cancer survivors are winning the fight against cancer because of the research that is taking the steps to help fight this disease.
But the fight isn’t over yet. Research is saving lives and this is the time to support it. Check out the community events section on our website and get involved. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and keep up with what is going on with The V Foundation. Remember 100% of cash donations and net proceeds from events go directly to cancer research.
Cancer research is saving lives. So can you.
*Facts from 2012 American Cancer Society Reports