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Why The V?

Everyday we hear tons of stories about how cancer affects the lives of people across the country. We hear the stories of hope, triumph, victory and what some may even call defeat. At the end of the day, we are all still hoping that one day we will find the cure. One day our research will show us the answers we have been waiting for.

Quote from Jim Valvano

May is National Cancer Research month and this year The V Foundation wants to show the world why cancer research will take us to that one day we have all been waiting for.

Over the next few weeks we are going to pose questions on Twitter and Facebook about why cancer research is important to you, why The V Foundation, how have you been touched by cancer, and more. We are going to compile the most unique, inspiring and heartfelt messages into videos for our upcoming YouTube Series- “Why The V?”

You can submit your messages as tweets, as Facebook comments, as YouTube videos or even as letters to [email protected] Every Monday we will pose a new question (even Memorial Day!) and we want your response. You can submit them all week to us in any way you like!

Help us show the world why cancer research is important.

Help us show the world why The V Foundation will take us to the one day we are all still hoping for.