Investing in our Future

Why we work at The V Foundation

Kaylon Kirk, Communications Intern, is a senior at UNC-CH’s School of Journalism and Mass Communication. 

Why join The V Foundation in the fight against cancer? We’ve got 22 million reasons. That’s how many new cancer cases have been diagnosed since 1990, and there will be 1.6 new cases diagnosed this year. That’s 1,500 people per day. These people are our friends, family and neighbors. That’s why we’re here. “They say cancer doesn’t discriminate, but it certainly seems to touch the best and brightest among us,” said Mary Umstead, Administrative Assistant. “If I can be even a small part of funding research, it will be a strike against the disease. If I can do anything to make it easier for someone else who has cancer or who has a loved one with cancer, that is how I am showing this disease that it will not win.”

Many of our staff members have lost friends and family to cancer and work every day with them in mind. Husbands, wives, parents, brothers, sisters, best friends, aunts and uncles, grandparents and many more. Staff Accountant Carolyn Waldrup’s mother is currently fighting the disease. Administrative Assistants Katie McDonald and Mary Umstead lost their fathers. Vice President of Communications Sherrie Mazur lost her aunt and grandfather. Administrative Assistant Sue Tracey lost her brother, grandfather and grandmother all within three months.

The V Foundation wants more survivors. “My wife and sister are survivors,” said Senior Development Officer Craig Rogers. “My father and uncle survived prostate cancer,” said Vice President of Operations Jefferson Parker. “My mother-in-law survived ovarian cancer.” Through awarding more than $100 million to fund over 500 cancer research initiatives, The V Foundation is helping create more survivors every year. “We are filling gaps in the research funding process, and we do it in a financially responsible way,” says Jefferson Parker. With 100% of donations going directly toward cancer research, you can feel confident that your donation is making a difference in the lives of those affected by cancer. Operating expenses are covered by an endowment fund.

We are all affected by cancer and must work together to stop it.  As the one who opens the mail, Mary gets to witness first-hand the impact that cancer has had on so many people on a personal level, united by their common goal to fund the fight against cancer. “When I open the mail to find crumpled dollar bills sent in by children – when the check someone sends in represents the money they picked up off of the street and in parking lots and on the mall floor throughout the year – I know we are all in this together.”

We do it for the survivors. We do it for those who could survive. Who should survive. Join us, share our message. Pass the V.