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Worth the Investment

By Miles Washburn
52nd International President of the Delta Chi Fraternity

It is nice to know where your money goes.  If you take the time to raise money, do the work, get involved and invest your resources and emotions, it really is nice to know where your money goes.  In the case of The V Foundation, all your money goes to cancer research.  Not part of it, not a percentage but all of it.  That is 100% of every dollar raised goes towards cancer research.  Personally, I think that is very impressive.

I wish I could get that rate of return on all of my investments.  That is what raising money or donating to The V Foundation for Cancer Research is, it is an investment.  It is an investment in our future. 

We all know someone who has been touched by cancer.  Maybe it is you, a family member or a friend, but unfortunately cancer has touched all of our lives in some way.  The V Foundation invests in research.  Research to find cures, cures that are needed sooner rather than later.

Since partnering with The V Foundation in 2006, the Delta Chi Fraternity has donated over $460,000 and our chapter and colony participation in fund raising events has increased from 52% in 2006 to 77% in 2012, and we are working hard to get to 100% participation.  The fraternity holds multiple events all over the United States and also in Canada raising money to invest in this research for a cure.  I can’t even imagine the hours involved our brothers have put in over the years to make this happen, but it is worth it.

Delta Chi is proud to be part of Jimmy’s’ Team, spreading the word of hope for a cure, and having the V-Foundation for Cancer Research as our International Philanthropy.  I encourage everyone to become engaged in The V Foundation and get involved.  Who knows, maybe your efforts will be what tips the scales to find the cures. 

I think it is worth the investment.