20th Anniversary

20th Anniversary: The V Foundation Logo Story

JerryBerkowitz_V_Foundation_011113The V Foundation Logo Story 
By Jerry Berkowitz

In 1992, Laura Hunt, then Executive Director of The V Foundation for Cancer Research, contacted me to create a new identity. The logo at the time, as I recall it, looked like a 70’s golf tournament, with an art deco “V” in front of a ball on a tee.

Laura told me the history of Jim Valvano, the Foundation and its launch. She said that the Foundation needs an identity that really speaks to Jimmy’s passion for success. She gave me her vision for the work the Foundation was embarking upon.

I interviewed Laura, created the design brief and gave it to my logo designers to create some concepts. Two weeks later, I went to my designers and reviewed the different options but I didn’t feel that that any of the ideas spoke to Jim’s passion and what the Foundation needed to brand itself. I called Laura and told her that we had a problem.

Laura and I decided to review the designs at her office and in the meeting we thought it would be a good idea to watch Jim’s speech and the launch of the Foundation.

After we viewed the speech, I turned to Laura and stated, “Jimmy’s speech is about hitting an obstacle and bouncing back higher.” I started to draw the “V” as if the down stroke symbolized that obstacle and the bounce back or the extended mark of the “V” was bouncing out. We both examined the drawing and instantly realized that it worked.

When we created the first “V” gold pins, we gave them to the presenters at the second ESPY Awards and the pins have been seen there ever since.

I’m honored to have been a part of the helping create The V Foundation brand identity.