A message from Greeny

Greenberg Author PhotoIn the fall of 2002, I took a day off from work to be with my daughter, then not quite two, on what I viewed as the most important day of her life. Her first day of school. It was a two’s program, ninety minutes per day, three days per week, but to me it felt like she was going off to college.

My wife Stacy was hugely pregnant at the time, and so was another of the moms we met at the school, and the two of them immediately gravitated to each other in the way that all hugely pregnant women tend to. That mom was named Heidi Armitage.

In the ensuing seven years, Heidi became one of Stacy’s closest friends in the world, and our families became extremely close as well. We traveled together, our kids took swimming lessons together, we had more dinners and more laughs than I could ever count.

Early in 2009, Heidi began complaining of pain in her back. There wasn’t any alarm, more a nuisance than anything else. Physical therapy didn’t help, neither did a chiropractor. Finally, a doctor recommended they perform a cat scan, just to be on the safe side. You don’t want to know what happened next.

Heidi died on September 30th, 2009, leaving behind two wonderful kids, a devoted husband, and a community of people she touched with her warmth, humor and overall pizazz. It is Stacy’s and my great honor to donate one hundred per cent of the author’s proceeds from “All You Could Ask For” to our friends at The V Foundation, in the hope that someday stories like this one will have markedly happier endings.

 Thank you for your support.



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