V On the Street

Delta Chi: Capturing a Cure

544801_3789720990794_1418185230_nSeptember and the start of college football bring packed stadiums and the joys of tailgating. As hundreds of teams take the field for the big game, the brothers of Delta Chi Fraternity at Texas Tech University have a few different teams preparing to do the same thing all in the name of cancer research.

In just a month, teams of sorority girls dressed in flag football belts will walk onto another field determined to capture a flag and funds for The V Foundation while they’re at it.

 “We really wanted to do something more creative,” said Jeremy Jones, Delta Chi’s secretary and philanthropy and community service coordinator, when talking about the fraternity’s seven-year-old capture the flag event. The event began in 2006 as just a small idea different from others in their Greek community, but has now grown to a spectacle with almost 1,300 participants.

This year, Delta Chi is hosting an entire “Jimmy V” week leading up to the games. The week will be filled with smaller fundraisers designed to raise awareness of both The V Foundation and its mission to help find the cures for cancer.  In addition, other campus organizations will be allowed to form capture the flag teams in order to increase the number of supporters. With both the number of participants and overall fundraising expected to increase this year, the brothers of Delta Chi truly believe they have a winning game plan. However, according to Jeremy Jones, the fraternity will not stop there.

“It gives us a sense of hope that the money we raise can really help someone,” says Jones. “But no matter how much we raise, there are still people out there fighting cancer. We will never give up.”