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Delta Chi: Miss IU 2013

Miss Greek IUWhen you think of beauty pageants, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?  Glamour, bikinis, hairspray, or how about fraternity brothers?  Probably not.  Well make room for these brothers in your mind, because the Indiana Chapter of Delta Chi has given a whole new meaning to beauty pageants.

This March, the brothers of Indiana University Delta Chi hosted their second annual Miss Greek IU.  The event, which showcases the most well-rounded women of IU’s Greek Community, focuses on their morals, achievement, and community service.

“We wanted to show that the Greek community isn’t all about partying…it’s about giving back to the community,” said Delta Chi brother, Geoffrey Kerbis.

And give back they did.  Through the efforts of the brothers, the contestants and the audience, last year’s pageant generated over $12,500 for The V Foundation for Cancer Research.

Miss Greek IU -

The brothers organized the pageant so that it balanced both traditional and non-traditional aspects.  They included the ball gown and interview portions, but replaced the bikini round with a philanthropy round, asking each of the 18 contestants to dress up to represent their own sorority’s philanthropy.

Each contestant was asked to fundraise for the event and in return received 10% of their contributions towards their sorority’s philanthropy, the rest being donated to The V Foundation.  The winning contestant also received a scholarship, highlighting the brother’s commitment to service and achievement.

This year, Emily Hart, Miss Indiana USA 2013, co-hosted the event.  Over 500 people attended the pageant in 2012, and this year they expect at least double. 

Delta Chi Fraternity has demonstrated resounding commitment to The V Foundation over the years, but today the Indiana Chapter takes this commitment even further.  This year, in honor of the Foundation’s 20th Anniversary, their fundraising goal is a monumental $20,000.the pageant in 2012, and this year they expect at least double.