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Grateful Grants: Cancer Prevention


The V Foundation celebrated more than Valentine’s Day this month. February is National Cancer Prevention Month and we are paying special attention during these four weeks to ways we can prevent cancer for ourselves and our loved ones.

The National Cancer Institute estimates one in two men and one in three women will become diagnosed with cancer in his or her lifetime. Here are some cancer prevention tips you can follow every day:

Eat green. Everything seems to be going green these days and your body is no different. Preparing meals focused around veggies, fruits, beans and whole grains will help strengthen your body against cancer. Research has found a link between red and processed meats and colon cancer. Try to limit red meat to 18 ounces per week and avoid processed meats like ham, sausage and bacon. Try a smoothie for breakfast instead!

Moderate alcohol consumption. While drinks can be a part of a celebration, they are filled with sugar and calories. To reduce the risk of breast cancer, women shouldn’t consume more than three drinks per week.

Go nuts! Well, eat a lot of nuts that is. Walnuts and almonds are great sources of protein and healthy fat. But don’t go too nuts- healthy fat is still fat!

Be active for 30 minutes daily. The key word is “active.” Being active doesn’t mean buying a gym membership. Walk, vacuum, dance around your room, do anything to get your body moving. Activity will lower your risk for colon cancer along with other cancers.

Maintain a healthy weight. Carrying excess weight has been linked to six different types of cancer. Eating healthy and 30 minutes of activity should make this easier to accomplish. 

Like Jim said in his speech, take the time every day to laugh. It is often the best medicine.

The V Foundation hopes that one day we will live in a world without cancer. Until then, cancer prevention is a start.