Hoop Ribbons

Hockey, baseball and football all have their different traditions. Spending your day with the Stanley Cup, putting shaving cream in the face of someone after a home-run or no-hitter or the million different touchdown dances.

But basketball- particularly in college- has a unique tradition. Cutting down the nets.CrownPoster

The idea of taking a piece of the net is interesting to me. Imagine if we brought down the goalposts in the Superdome and chopped it up for all the Ravens….yeah. But cutting down the nets…makes sense. I mean it’s not over until you are cutting down the nets, right?

This March, Corona is taking that time honored tradition and bringing it to all of its customers. That’s right- this March you, too, can have your piece of the net.

How does that relate to The V Foundation? Well, we don’t have one cancer ribbon that represents us. We fund all types of cancer research- so there isn’t one color that can truly represent what we do. But a ribbon made out of basketball nets? Now that is us- 110%.

Starting on March 1st, you can have your own net ribbon by getting a Corona or Corona Extra at your favorite bar or restaurant.  We can’t wait to see our net ribbon everywhere, so make sure you send us your photos of all the net ribbons you get over the next month!

Here’s to the newest ribbon!