I love All You Could Ask For & you will too!

If you have heard anything about this book (All You Could Ask For), you will probably believe that this review of the book might be a little biased. The V Foundation is receiving all the author profits of the book…of course we love the book.

AYCAF Brooke 2Except, that this statement would not be the complete story. This book is great on many levels, and I hope by the end that you will be rushing to get your copy. And if that doesn’t convince you- feel free to check out some of these great Amazon reviews.


Here are just three of the reasons why I loved the book:

  • Character Development. I loved the characters. I don’t want to give too much away but there were times I could see a part of myself in each of the women. They felt real to me. I found myself wanting to talk to them as if they were my girlfriends.
  • Format. That may seem weird but I love how the book was broken into two parts. I loved how the book went from character to character. Finally, I loved how at times the writing was done in “message” format. I felt like Greenberg didn’t miss any particular perspective, and I felt that I could have been the fourth female in the mix.
  • Quotes from the characters. To help promote the book, I pulled quotes from the book and made them into images. Each time, we made a list of good quotes and had to narrow it down. Greenberg did a great job of being able to capture each moment throughout the book.

I hope you get the book. Most importantly, I hope you tune-in tomorrow morning at 8:05 to Mike & Mike In The Morning and see what an incredible person Mike Greenberg is.

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