The Number 1 Question

EML13_PTR_OPEN_JIMVDay by day, week by week, I get the same question on Twitter and Facebook. 

And it’s not what you think. It’s not about research or basketball. It’s not about how much fun it is to work at The V Foundation or how I constantly come up with funny jokes for the blog (Don’t laugh too hard!)

Nope- it’s about the swag. Yep, t-shirts, wristbands, hats, etc. is what everyone wants to know about. Normally, my answer is not very fun. 

But today it is. 

We are excited to announce The V Foundation online shop! At the moment we have a few different t-shirt designts but in the upcoming months, there will be more cool items. 

Now, if you are still reading and haven’t already left for the store, take a second and let me know in the comments what item you want to see in the store. Let us know so that we can get to work on filling our online store with tons of cool swag. 

Finally we can move from this question and start talking about other things. Like basketball and cancer research.