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The Treasure of an Internship

Looking back, when I started at The V Foundation, I knew nothing._MG_2749

I knew some of the wide range of work I would be involved in.

I knew little of the scope that the memory of the legendary Jimmy V could reach.

I knew nothing of the kindness and dedication of each V Foundation staff member.

I knew even less the magnitude of impact this experience would have on my life.

Today, as the semester comes to a close, I can express nothing but awe and gratitude for The V Foundation.  I never imagined that I would be honestly excited to wake up before the sun had risen so that I could work before my classes began.  But I was.

Every day at the Foundation was a day of friendly faces and welcomed challenges.  I learned not only invaluable skills for my future, but what it is like to work in an office that treats each other as with compassion and respect and what it means to truly love your job.

When I came to the office in Cary last fall, I had hoped for an internship that would allow me to develop and grow new skills so that I may be better prepared for my future.  I had no idea that I’d come away with an experience that would stay with me always.

So, though I knew nothing of the treasures that The V Foundation had to offer, I am forever grateful they took a chance on such an oblivious intern and shared with me such an incredible opportunity.