The V Foundation Awards $10.8 Million in Cancer Research Grants Nationwide

Two Special MDS Grants Awarded in Honor of Good Morning America co-host Robin Roberts

The V Foundation for Cancer Research, one of the nation’s leading cancer research funding organizations, is proud to announce the recipients of the 2013 Translational and V Scholar Grants.  These grants are awarded to aid cancer researchers transforming lab discoveries into clinical applications and fund “rising star” scientists.  The V Foundation also announced two special MDS Grant recipients to support those dedicated to finding a cure for myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS).  In total, The V Foundation awarded $10.8 million to 30 researchers and scientists nationwide.

“We are intensifying efforts and making great progress in cancer research,” said Robin Roberts, Good Morning America co-host and member of The V Foundation Board of Directors.  “I am so proud of the donors, The V Foundation, the doctors and the researchers. They are my heroes who are saving lives.”

The V Foundation awarded the MDS grants to Li Chai, M.D., of Brigham & Women’s Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts and Drs. Ravi and Smita Bhatia of City of Hope National Medical Center in Los Angeles, California.  Funds for the two MDS grants, $600,000 three-year commitment for each recipient, were raised at the 15th Annual V Wine Celebration on August 1-3, 2013, in Napa Valley, California.  

Created in 2000, The V Foundation’s Translational Grant Program continues to bring the benefits of basic-level understandings to the patient bedside more quickly and efficiently.  Translational research specifically seeks to gain insight from cancer patients to accelerate medical researchers’ discoveries.  This year’s Translational Grant recipients will each receive $600,000 over a three-year period. 

The V Scholar Program is designed to identify, retain and further the careers of talented young cancer investigators.  The 2013 V Scholar grants, $200,000 two-year commitments for each recipient, are provided to the best and brightest young researchers who are developing their own independent laboratory research projects.  The recipients gain the competitive edge necessary to earn additional funding from other sources in the future.

“The V Scholars represent the future of cancer research,” said Dr. Robert Bast, Vice President for Translational Research at MD Anderson Cancer Center and a member of The V Foundation’s Scientific Advisory Board. “Their drive and innovation make an impact on the care of patients with cancer.”

The competitive grant application process is administered by The V Foundation’s Scientific Advisory Board.  The Board, comprised of the nation’s leading physicians and research scientists from prominent universities and cancer centers, recommends funding for projects with the most potential that will yield results.  In determining that proposals meet the highest standards of scientific merit, the Board consistently selects the best research projects.