Triple Corks, Tail Grabs and more!

As X Games begins to kick-off its new year in Aspen, The V Foundation is excited to be a part of it. For the past year, X Games athletes have chosen to become spokespeople for The V Foundation. And besides being amazing at their sport, each one of them has been touched by this horrible disease.

Whether it’s their grandparents or parents, cancer has been very personal for Tucker, Gretchen and Jen. This year at X Games 13010034PCD_WXG_Gre#24626A2Aspen, the three of them will be special guests at the The V Foundation kiosk in the Team ESPN tent. Fans will be able to get their autographs. Also, fans will have the opportunity to take their photo with a “V” and help start our #PassTheV campaign.

If you think I might sound a little crazy when I talk about the “V” check it out here. You can see everyone who is beginning to help us pass the V.

X Games starts Thursday, January 24 and ends on Sunday, January 27. The kiosk will be there the whole time, so make sure you stop by the Team ESPN tent and don’t forget to share your photo with us!

Oh, and P.S. Good luck to Jen, Tucker and Gretchen. Hope you get some big air!