V On the Street

V On the Street: Who are you fighting for?

MAC T-shirtThe SEC, the ACC, the Big Ten or even the Big East. Those are the conferences we are probably all aware of. And you might even be aware of a conference called MAC but I’m not talking about the college conference. I’m talking about the high school- Mississippi Athletic Conference in Iowa.

One conference, five counties, ten high school and more than 1,000 students will participate in the fourth annual Cancer Awareness Night. The night brings attention to all types of cancer and hopes to show support for those who are currently fighting their battle with cancer. Miranda and Mileah Gumpert have been co-chairs of the event and have had lots of help from North Scott High School’s student government. Miranda said they chose The V Foundation because the event wanted to find an organization that benefited many types of cancer and has a tie to basketball.  The schools have been selling these t-shirts and they have sold so many…they had to open another order.

Besides the fact that the t-shirt is pretty cool. I think it’s pretty amazing that schools across an entire conference can come together for one cause. While it may be more common in college, it’s great to see high schools spanning over five counties coming together to raise awareness and educate others about cancer.

Good luck to Miranda, Mileah and all the students in the MAC conference that are participating this Friday. We are so grateful for your help in the fight against cancer.