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A story to “cool” you off: It’s Wine Celebration time!

Have you been feeling the summer heat? If the winter was cold, we are surely getting the heat of the summer. I hope this story will “cool” you off a bit as we go back in time to the 1984 Sarajevo Winter Olympics. Scott Hamilton, the most recognized male figure skating star in the world, took the gold medal for the United States. Are you “cool” yet? Well we have some exciting news for you – Scott Hamilton will be hosting the 16th Annual V Foundation Wine Celebration. Not only are we honored to have Scott Hamilton speak to us as an Olympic gold medalist and world-famous athlete, but we are honored to hear from a host whose life has been deeply affected by cancer.

Scott HamiltonScott has a truly amazing story.  He has overcome several hardships to become the world-famous figure skating champion he is today.  As a child, Scott had several problems with stunted growth and was only 5 feet and 2 ½ inches tall at the peak of his ice skating career.  One of my favorite quotes from Scott is “The only disability in life is a bad attitude.”  Despite the odds, he never lost sight of his dreams.  As Scott got older, growth problems weren’t the only setbacks he would have to deal with.  When Scott was a sophomore in high school, his mother Dorothy was diagnosed with breast cancer.  His mother had always been one of Scott’s greatest sources of inspiration and support.  To help finance his figure skating career, his mom went back to school to become a college professor.  After her death, Scott commented that, “She never complained.  She never gave up. Instead, she made the most of every minute God gave her.”  These words remind me that life is precious and that I need to make the most out of every day.

In 1997, Scott began has battle with testicular cancer.  You can read more about Scott’s personal experiences with testicular cancer and returning back to the ice in this online interview.  Years after defeating testicular cancer, Scott was diagnosed with a brain tumor and had to undergo several surgeries between 2002 and 2010.  He is now happily living cancer-free with his wife and two sons in Franklin, Tennessee.